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  1. 885-1396

    Zhermack VAP 6 Steamer

    Zhermack VAP 6 is steam cleaner that generate a flow of steam or pressurised hot water to be used for the cleaning of dental prosthetic restorations.
  2. Microtorch


    keystone industries
    Microtorch is a 2-in-1 open flame torch and flameless heat tool with a heat shrink attachment. The torch is excellent use to heat materials, ignite materials, pinpoint torch, shrink tubing, solder and de-solder, terminate specialty connectors and more!
  3. 881-1368

    Mini Pocket Scale

    keystone industries
    Mini Pocket Scale is easy and convenient to use whenever and wherever. The pocket-sized digital electronic scale has a high precision strain gauge sensor. It is battery operated. The scale is excellent for weighing wax coping from press-able ceramics and all dental alloys.

  4. 881-1373

    Hanau Alcohol Torch

    keystone industries
    Hanau Alcohol Torch is used as an alcohol lamp or as a blowtorch. The instrument is used to melt control the shape and flow of wax when taking impressions. Also the torches are used during the fabrication of dentures, setting up teeth, waxing, light soldering or even jewellery making. It can be used as a torch to create either a needle point or brush-type flame.
  5. 881-3040..3046

    Ceramic Sculpturing Sets

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    The Ceramic Sculpturing Set is made of lightweight stainless steel. The easy grip makes it comfortable for technicians. Sets come in sleek and convenient storage case. To see varieties, click View Details.
  6. 881-1378..881-1388 National Blowpipe.jpg

    National Blowpipe

    keystone industries
    National Blowpipes are economical and easy to operation. There is no other torch as well-known as these pipes. For decades these versatile torches have been the standard for both scientific and artistic glass blowers everywhere. National Blowpipes operate on any fuel gas because of the patented proportional gas mixer. There’s no need to change mixers, instead just select the proper tip. There is a rotating leak-proof union to ensure safety and compliance.
  7. 881-1389 Keystone Alcohol Torch.jpg

    Burners, Torches & Tubing

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    This Plastic Alcohol Torch is used for easy, quick applications in the lab. This plastic torch uses denatured alcohol only. Wick is long-lasting and keeps a steady flame.
  8. 881-1337..1374

    Bunsen Burner

    keystone industries
    These Bunsen Burners are available for natural gas only. Premium quality chrome plated base with adjustable air inlets. The deluxe burner allows 30 degree angle tilt.
  9. 881-1370 1Ea 955 Air Hose Complete.jpg

    Air Gun

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    The Air Gun is designed to eliminate the overheating of restorations, grinding tools, or fingers, while providing a clear view of the immediate working area.
  10. 881-1367 Keystone Denture Curing Unit.jpg

    Curing Units

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    The Keystone Denture Curing Unit can be used for both boil out and curing. It cures up to 4 double flask compresses or 8 denture arches. The all-stainless construction makes for easy cleaning and anti-corrosion. The one-piece unit is sealed with no seams that will leak. There’s a thermostatic control for variable holding temperatures.


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