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  1. 881-2155..2156

    Mizzy Byte Ryte Wax

    keystone industries
    Mizzy Byte Ryte Wax is the sheet form of bite wax with same properties as cake form.
  2. 881-2157..2158

    Mizzy Allcezon Base Plate Wax

    keystone industries
    Mizzy Allcezon Base Plate Wax is composed of general, all-purpose wax for bites, registration and impressions.

    Colour: Pink
  3. 881-2160..2167

    Yeti Thowax Sculpturing Wax

    keystone industries
    Yeti Thowax is an all-natural sculpturing wax that’s suitable for the crown and bridge and inlay technique. Thowax special waxes are specially blended for each individual field of application. 7 colours to choose from. Click View Details to find our more.
  4. 881-2170..2172

    Sticky Wax

    keystone industries
    The Sticky Wax is used to hold or weld materials or pieces together. It can also be used to connect or repairs wax patterns. The wax is melted with a gas flame and used as a modelling wax.
    Available formats: Lump and Sticks
    Colours: Red and Yellow
  5. 881-2180..2193

    Kewax Wire Wax

    keystone industries
    Kewax Wire Wax the best wax money can buy. The wax is extruded to a uniformed diameter and provides the proper tackiness and adhesion. Comes in various gauges (6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24. Available in 1/2 lb. spools (24 gauge is 1/4 lb. spool).
  6. 881-2200..2203

    Maves Green Inlay Wax

    keystone industries
    Maves Inlay Wax comes in two sizes and styles. We offer #2 and #3 sizes that are in sticks or chunks form. Available in 1-pound packages.
  7. 881-2330..2332 Boxing Strip

    Boxing Strip Wax

    keystone industries
    The Boxing Strip Wax is soft, tacky red wax perfect for boxing impressions.
    Available in Regular or Xtra Thin formats.
  8. 881-2500..2507

    Yeti Pontics

    keystone industries
    Pontics consist of pure wax and were developed in cooperation with dental master technician Thomas Schmidt. The size offered will fit 90% of all cases and will reduce the number of different packets in stock. If the Pontic does not fit, it can be easily brought to the desired size by waxing it up or cutting it down.
  9. 688-9129..9130

    Dipping Wax

    Dipping wax is a modelling wax for wax coping.
  10. Baseplate Wax

    Baseplate Wax

    Baseplate paraffin wax featuring durability with excellent plasticity. 3 different hardness. Available in 5 lb boxes.


Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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