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  1. 688-9111

    Articulators and Accessories

    Yamahachi Articulators feature renowned Japanese engineering and design. Manufactured for precision. There are six different Yamahachi articulators to choose from.
  2. 881-2286 Keystone Plastic

    Keystone Plastic C&B Articulators

    keystone industries
    This plastic Crown and Bridge Disposable Articulator is an economical way to hold dental work.
    Pack Size: 50/Box
  3. 881-2280 K-Brass Articulator

    Keystone K- Brass Denture Articulator

    keystone industries
    The K-Brass Denture Articulator has the same features as the K-Chrome Denture Articulator but is made of softer and longer-lasting brass. The simple articulator is machined to produce maximum accuracy. The articulator gives easy access to all surfaces, easy to adjust and can be taken apart and assembled quickly.
  4. 881-2279 High Arch Articulator

    High Arch Plastic Articulator

    keystone industries
    The High Arch Plastic Articulator is for mounting models in the dental lab. It’s made of high impact plastic with a metal rear-locking adjustment screw for a longer life and re-usability. The item features lateral movement and adjustable incisal stop. The plastic articulator is lightweight, which mean a lower cost for shipping.
  5. 881-2240 Spring Chrome Articulator

    861 Spring Chrome Articulator

    keystone industries
    A crown and bridge articulator available with or without springs to allow protrusive and retrusive movements. Chrome-plated construction at an economical price. Or choose the disposable, clear plastic model, eliminates the need to break off models. Also available in full arch denture design.
  6. 881-2276

    K-Chrome Articulators and Accessories

    keystone industries
    Keystone Crown & Bridge K-Chrome Articulator is specifically engineered for crown and bridgework. Made easy to adjust and separate the parts - designed and engineered for quality and accuracy.
  7. 881-2249..2258

    Precision Magnetic Articulator

    keystone industries
    The Precision Articulator is great for transferring mounted cases between the same articulator without the loss of accuracy. The incisal tables can unscrew and be easily replaced. The articulator has smooth lateral and protrusive movements. There’s an anterior leg for easy viewing.
  8. 881-2242..2247

    Keystone Deluxe Articulator and Accessories

    keystone industries
    The Keystone Deluxe Articulator is excellent for sending important cases between labs and the doctors. The articulator is lightweight, Teflon-coated and made with very accurate, interchangeable mouths. The item has a full range of movements, including lateral excursions. A good quality articulator as a great price.
  9. 881-2235.2239

    Deluxe Magnetic Articulator with Pin and Accessories

    keystone industries
    The Deluxe Magnetic Articulator with Pin is an excellent articulator for denture work. This item has the same advantages as the Deluxe Magnetic Articulator, but it has incisal pins for the use with denture production.
  10. 881-2228..2232

    Magnet X Model System

    keystone industries
    The Magnet X is a quick mount model system that assures articulation accuracy every time. It features a one-stage base pour for fast model attachment. It can be used with any pin system and is compatible with most articulators. Most of the parts are reusable. Allows ease of pouring the models, apply isolator for plaster and then mount on the articulator in the correct position each time.


Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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