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  1. 881-1400..881-1405 Kolinsky Brush.jpg

    Keystone Kolinsky Ceramist Brushes

    keystone industries
    Keystone offers an all-natural high quality Kolinsky sable bristles. The elasticity of hair recovers its original shape after stroke. These brushes give the ability to control a porcelain flow, while holding and dispensing material predictably.
  2. 881-1406..881-1420 Synthetic Ceramist Brushes.jpg

    Synthetic Ceramist Brushes

    keystone industries
    These Synthetic Ceramist Brushes combine excellent quality with an affordable price. All of these brushes are available for private label. Minimum quantities are required.
  3. 881-1427..881-1429 Chamois Buff.jpg

    Chamois Buffs

    keystone industries
    Chamois Buffs are top quality stitched, leather-center chamois buffs. This buff produces a very high luster and is 12-ply.
  4. Felt Wheels

    Felt Wheels

    keystone industries
    Felt Wheels are excellent for chrome work.

  5. 881-1634..881-1656 Hatho Toro

    Hatho Toro Miniature Brushes

    keystone industries
    These straight handpiece mounted brushes are manufactured from the finest natural horse and goat hair. The classic style of Hatho Toro Miniature Brushes is ideal for cleaning and polishing denture acrylic, cleaning interproximal spaces after denture deflasking and for general laboratory polishing applications. These are also ideally suited for applying polishing materials and polishing lab-processed composites, metals and ceramic crowns.
  6. 881-1657..881-1666

    Hatho Polishing Discs with Scotch Brite

    keystone industries
    Provide superior performance to arbor bands or burs. Scotch Brite line is ideal for working on softer materials such as dentures and removal of soft denture reline material. With a wood core encased in plastic, allowing easy mounting/dismounting from the lathe and ensures the disk remains true. The removable plastic side rings are a patented feature which exposes a fresh polishing area when needed.

    The ideal speed for the 4” discs is around 2,800 RPM, while the 3” discs is around 1,400 rpm. Sold individually.
  7. 881-1668..881.1669

    Miniature Brushes with Polishing Discs

    keystone industries
    Brushes with an inserted chamois with polishing discs. 2 types of brushes with white goat hair and grey goat hair. Ideal speed: 10,000 rpm. Pack Size: 12/Pkg.
  8. 881-1670..881-1672

    Hatho Miniature Scotch Brite

    keystone industries
    You can use the Hatho Miniature Scotch Brite™ wheel to polish services without ruining delicate anatomical surfaces on dental appliances. By using low speeds – around 5,000 rpm – and light pressure the acrylic should not overheat due to friction. These brushes come in coarse, medium and fine to let you control the type of polishing finish you need.
  9. 881-1673..881-1674

    Hatho Special Lathe Brushes

    keystone industries
    The special design of these lathe brushes gives Hatho Special Lathe Brushes unique character. The single row brush is designed for interproximal polishing on a lathe. The spacing between the brush bundles provides heating during the polishing process. The dual row brush with its very short cut and stiff Chung King bristles is specially designed for the polishing of non-precious metals such as chrome cobalt.
  10. 881-1676..881-1679

    Hatho Poly Buffs

    keystone industries
    The exterior of Hatho Poly Buffs consists of specially selected Chung King bristles which guarantee long life and high quality polishing. These brushes are wrapped around a core of grit-free, soft Scotch Brite and fine muslin cloth. These buffs retain pumice inside the disc material exceptionally well.

    The characteristics of the valued Chung King bristles are complemented by the buffing materials to achieve optimum polishing properties. The properties make these brushes ideal for wet and dry polishing. The core is made from wood encased in plastic, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting.


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