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  1. Yeti Die Spacer 881-0030..881-0037

    Yeti Die Spacer

    keystone industries
    Yeti Die Spacer seals plaster and serves to stimulate the space needed for fixing cement between the crown and the die. Available in Clear, Red, Yellow, Thinner, Gold, Blue, Dentin and Silver. Comes in 20 ml bottles.
  2. 881-1327 Plug-It Kit Keystone Industries.jpg


    keystone industries
    Plug-It contains a special cyanoacrylate material of accelerator and base that permits a controlled setting time. The item is useful for filling air bubbles, basing up decay areas and short cusps, stabilizing dies during finishing procedures, and connecting bridge segments.
  3. 881-1362 Die Spacer Thinner-1 Oz..jpg

    Die Spacer

    keystone industries
    These Die Spacers are fast drying and heat resistant. It provides an excellent uniform seating of the restoration. Comes in 1 oz. (28 ml) bottles.
  4. Die Lube

    Die Lube

    keystone industries
    A quick-dry lubricant that flows smoothly on any surface and contains no mineral oil. It evaporates quickly into a microscopic thin film that does not lose detail or fit.
  5. 881-2114..2115

    Double Dowel Pins

    keystone industries
    These state-of-the-art Double Dowel Pins are twin pins that come equipped with die guards and sleeves, which are simple and easy to use with any Pindex Machine. Added stability that in turn eradicates rotation, they become tremendously precise and do not distort.
    Pins are available in packs of 1,000 as well as Rubber Sheets.
  6. 881-2437

    Silicone Emulsion

    keystone industries
    Silicone Emulsion is a wetting agent that produces smooth, accurate bubble-free surfaces on all impression materials and models. The solution allows the stone or plaster to flow smoothly and freely into every crevice, resulting in a hard, smooth accurate model. It also is a superior debubblizer which forms an inert barrier between the acids of the alginate and the alkaline stone. Click View Details for more information.
  7. 881-1326

    Keybond Adhesive

    keystone industries
    Keybond has a thin viscosity for hard-to-bond surfaces.


7 Item(s)