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  1. 881-3100

    3 Prong Clasp Bending Plier

    keystone industries
    These Clasp Bending Pliers are 3 pronged, size #200. Sold Individually.
  2. 881-2807..2810 wax spatulas

    Wax Spatulas

    keystone industries
    These Wax Spatulas offer featherweight aluminium handles for extremely comfortable handling while reducing hand and wrist fatigue.
  3. 881-3000..3007 bard parker

    Bard Parker Blades

    keystone industries
    Bard-Parker Blades are interchangeable and made from quality carbon steel. The long lasting blades have uniform sharpness and come in several sizes and styles.
  4. 881-3008..3011

    Ergonomic Blade Handles

    keystone industries
    Blade Handles have an ergonomic shield design that provides a non-slip grip. The handles minimize the risk of injury during assembly, passing, disassembly and disposal. The handle has one-handed activation of the protective shield while still featuring pencil, palm and finger grips. Accommodates both left- and right-handed use and operation.
  5. 881-3101 tweezer

    Tweezer Type Crown Holder

    keystone industries
    These Tweezers are made of stainless steel. By using them there is no danger of damage to the crown margins when the restoration is gripped securely.
  6. 881-3039

    Keystone Dial Caliper

    keystone industries
    This precise Dial Caliper has a full measuring range from 0-10 mm. The scale is clearly visible due to an oversized face for easy reading. Simple to operate, saves time and effort.
  7. 881-3033 Ceramo Grip

    Ceramic Grip Crown Holder Scissors

    keystone industries
    This Scissor Type Crown Holder is made of stainless steel and interchangeable diamond tips. Crowns and bridges are gripped within the crown. The diamond tip ensures that the grip contact is made above the crown margin.
  8. 881-3025

    Pin Saw Adjustable Frame

    keystone industries
    This Pin Saw Frame is for 5" blades. Frame is adjustable.
  9. 881-2805 Cement Poliamide Spatula

    Cement Poliamide Spatula

    keystone industries
    Cement Poliamide Spatulas come in pack size: 10/Pkg.
  10. 881-3037..3038

    Double Sided Metal Calipers

    keystone industries
    These Double Sided Metal Calipers are a perfect calibration instrument for metal or wax. Metal and wax instruments sold separately.


Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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