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  1. Zhermack Adhesive

    Zhermack Adhesives & Cleaners

    Zhermack Adhesives & Cleaners. Click View Details for more information.
  2. 881-2420

    Klean Kast Debubblizer

    keystone industries
    Klean Cast Debubblizer can be used on wax patterns, impressions and models. The non-contaminating, alcohol-free solution eliminates surface oils from the wax to ensure a smooth finish. Does not contain any solvents - does not distort or affect wax.
  3. 881-2422

    Diamond D Ultra Sep

    keystone industries
    Diamond D Ultra Sep is a state-of-the-art tin foil substitute that penetrates and adheres to stone and plaster. Stone and plaster breaks away easily from the acrylic after processing. The Diamond D Ultra Sep will produce unsurpassed results and save time in denture finishing.
  4. 881-2433

    Strip It Acid

    keystone industries
    Stripit removes oxidation and contamination from both semi-precious and precious metals. The formula also is used for various other applications. Click View Details for more information.
  5. 881-2440

    Klean All Boilout Solution

    keystone industries
    Klean All Boil Out Agent keeps the wax in suspension. The agent does not leave any residue on models. This goes into solution easily and dissolves any grit from the wax. It’s odor-free and non-chlorinated.
  6. 881-1392 coated abrasive adhesive

    Coated Abrasive Adhesive Solvent

    keystone industries
    Coated Abrasive Adhesive Solvent is essential for removal and repositioning of bands on plastic model trimmer back plates. Apply liberally to a cloth and rub on plastic back plate. It dissolves cyanoacrylate cements. Safe on skin, metal, plastic, glass, and porcelain. Non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-staining.
    Pack Size: 4 oz / 125 ml bottle
  7. 881-2445 Blue Safe Acid Neutraliser

    Blue Safe Acid Neutralizer

    keystone industries
    Blue Safe Acid Neutraliser avoids acid-related accidents in the dental lab or office. Before disposing acid, use Blue Safe to neutralize the acid. It can be used on any type of acid. Just scoop and sprinkle the neutraliser powder onto the acid – wait for the colour to turn yellow to dark blue. Pack Size: 3 lb container
  8. apollo sep

    Apollon Sep Resin Separator

    Apollon Sep Resin Separator
  9. Ke-Solv


    keystone industries
    Ke-Solv is a non-toxic solvent for wax removal. Works quickly and is a must-have for any lab.


9 Item(s)