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  1. 881-2100..2106

    Metal Pins

    keystone industries
    There are several types of metal pins for dental work. Click View Details to find out more.
  2. 881-2108..2111

    H-Base Pegs

    keystone industries
    H-Base Pegs feature a revolutionary tunnel, which offers closer placement and greater stability. Interlocking allows absolute precision for exact positioning. The pegs can be fired up to 2,200-degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. 881-1981 porcelain tongs

    Porcelain Tongs

    keystone industries
    Porcelain Tongs are 12” long to help pick up and place precious dental materials.
  4. 881-2130 Honey Comb tray

    Honey-Comb Octagon Tray

    keystone industries
    Honey-Comb Octagon Trays are 7/16" thick. Heats evenly and produces high quality porcelain appliances. Octagon Sagger Trays are sold individually.
  5. 881-2140 Spider Tray

    Spider Tray

    keystone industries
    Spider Trays are a new firing tray utilizing a fixed fan shaped pin specifically developed for all types of delicate ceramic work with an emphasis on all-ceramic restorations. With 8 bendable, thin metal prongs, the tray can adapt to a variety of cases. The unique shape and thinness of the blades allow a more uniform cooling of the ceramic restoration. Sold individually.
  6. 881-2141 v pegs

    V Pegs

    keystone industries
    V Pegs are single firing pins that can be taken out from the honeycomb base tray. Single individual firing pins can also be used for positioning work on the tray. Fan-shaped pins have 4 thin arms (0.4” diameter) that can be bent individually.
    Pack Size: 5/pk
  7. 881-2144


    keystone industries
    The Uni-Pegs are easy to position and made of high-fused micro grain porcelain composition. The pegs’ triangle shape provides excellent balance, support and stability. These can be assembled to form a round tray.
    Pack Size: 6/Box
  8. 881-2145 porcelain slant tile

    Porcelain Slant Tile

    keystone industries
    Porcelain Slant Tile comes with five wells and five slants. Stackable.


8 Item(s)